Modesto Junior College is committed to promoting an environment that values and supports every person in an atmosphere of mutual respect, honesty, trust, cooperation, collegiality, professionalism, and equity.  In 2012, the CCDC held discussions concerning these ideas of community at MJC, and the committee will recommend a formal adoption of the proposed “Principles of Community” to be embraced and practiced by every campus member.


Diverse:   We affirm and embrace diversity and its many forms, striving for a community of inclusiveness.

Open:  We are committed to an open environment that values the free exchange of ideas, as well as intellectual discourse and inquiry.  We realize this endeavor necessitates mutual respect, trust, and consideration for our differences.

Purposeful: We share a commitment to service, community engagement, and education.

Caring and Just:  We promote understanding, civility, dignity, and equitable access to resources and recognition.

Unique:   We celebrate the contributions and uniqueness of our community and its individual members.