Because of its very nature, matters of diversity—which are local, national and global in scope and history—are constantly shifting, with new issues arising. The CCDC strategic directions will include—but not be limited to—work associated with the following executive board, subcommittees and task force(s):


  • Executive Board: Planning, Direction and Recruitment. Directed by the Chair of the CCDC, the Executive Board will primarily ensure the successful engagement of the CCDC committee charge. The Chair is expected to attend the MJC College Council as an active member, represent the committee when appropriate at college and district functions, formally and informally articulate the vision of the CCDC to the college community and broader public, and vet ongoing diversity issues with committee members in order to reach consensus and make decisions or take positions. The Executive Board will advise the Chair of pertinent information related to diversity and the community, prepare agendas for CCDC meetings, compile meeting minutes, and vote on issues and actions when authorized by the general CCDC membership. Membership of the Executive will include the CCDC Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and the subcommittee Directors for (1) Public Relations and Resource Development, and (2) Professional Development, Quality Staff Resources and Curriculum. The Chair and Vice-Chair will also direct the Campus and Community Initiatives subcommittee.


  • Campus and Community Initiatives. Directed by the Chair and Vice-Chair, this subcommittee will simultaneously serve the college and its broader community. The subcommittee will plan scholarly and institutional initiatives that enrich knowledge of diversity issues, impact ongoing inequalities, and address issues of disenfranchisement or underrepresentation. Additionally, this subcommittee will foster and manage events and programs that take place on- and off-campus, including those which involve collaboration and participation with community members, various organizations or area businesses.


  • Public Relations and Resource Development. This subcommittee will direct and manage all communication and public relations across the campus and with the broader community the college serves. Additionally, this subcommittee will identify and seek external funding for CCDC diversity initiatives and events.


  • Professional Development, Quality Staff Resources and Curriculum. Directed by an elected CCDC member, this subcommittee has a kinship with the former Quality Staff Resource Team established by the former YCCD “Beyond Tolerance” initiative. In terms of quality staff issues, this subcommittee will exercise the following responsibilities: be familiar with pertinent state and federal regulations regarding diversity; be advised of, review, and encourage college and district compliance with diversity regulations; recommend institutional changes regarding diversity, employment and representation; review and advise on planning for faculty and staff diversity and recruitment efforts; and, recommend and participate in in-service training on staff diversity. The committee will also be fully engaged in advising, reviewing, developing, promoting and sponsoring professional development activities and events that either center on or are related to issues of diversity. At least one member of this subcommittee will be an active member of the PDCC committee. Finally, this subcommittee will actively pursue initiatives to incorporate diversity across the curriculum and institution.


  • Event and Initiative Task Force(s). Directed by an elected CCDC member, and made up of appropriately involved CCDC members, Event and Initiative Task Forces will be temporary in nature until each event and initiative is brought to fruition and completed.