The College Committee for Diversity and Community (CCDC) is charged with:


  • Promoting the Modesto Junior College Principles of Community (to be collectively established college-wide 2012-2013 academic year).
  • Ensuring that diversity is fully reflected in the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plans of the college. 
  • Generating innovative ways to achieve awareness, garner knowledge and engage in courageous conversations about diversity and the lived experiences across our college and community. 
  • Fostering programs, events, policies and institutional strategies that engage and address the diverse realities of our faculty, staff, students and community. 
  • Cultivating a broad sense of diversity and its histories, challenges and forms across our college and community. 
  • Addressing issues of equity, representation and accessibility across our college and its community. 
  • Supporting an environment of diverse ideas and encouraging the exploration and exchange of innovative approaches to teaching and learning.  
  • Developing and providing ongoing diversity and multicultural education training for all employees. 
  • Infusing diversity and multiculturalism into curriculum and pedagogy. 
  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse campus community, recognizing and addressing the realities of underrepresentation, changing demographics and disenfranchisement.